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Secure your spot for Call Of Shib’s exclusive white list and be part of the futur lunar warfare!

To secure a white list spot, please ensure you complete the task assigned. Your eligibility for the white list depends on successfully fulfilling the requirements. Good luck!


Phase 1

✓ Team Build up
✓ Market research
✓ Concept creation
✓ White-paper creation
✓ Game Development
✓ Website v1 Development

Phase 2

✓ Launch of Socials (TG & TW)
✓ Building community & Partnership
✓ Increase social media presence
✓ Contract Creation
✓ Contract Audits
✓ Presale Marketings
✓ Ask Me Anything (AMA)
✓ Twitter Promotion and engagement
✓ Presale Launch
✓ Token Launch Marketing

Phase 3

✓ Launch of the Token
✓ Launch of the Beta version of the Game
✓ Post Launch Marketing
✓ CMC , CG Listings
✓ White-paper upgrade (Launchpad, Market place, Game development)

Phase 4

✓ Game Development
✓ Launch of the final version of the game
✓ Launch of the market P2E platform

The first map of Call Of Shib is set on the surface of the moon in the year 2045.

The permanent colony that humanity has established serves as the backdrop for the intense battles that take place between the warriors of Call Of Shib. The lunar landscape is riddled with craters, rocks, and other obstacles that players must navigate to gain a tactical advantage over their opponents.

The map is divided into various sections, each with its unique features and challenges. The different sections of the map include the landing zone, a vast, open area where players spawn and begin the battle. The landing zone offers players a chance to assess the situation and plan their next move.

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