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In Call Of Shib, a play-to-earn system with an escrow feature is implemented to enhance the gaming experience and provide players with the opportunity to earn rewards

Here's how it works

Escrow System

The play-to-earn system utilizes an escrow feature to ensure a fair and secure process for players. When players win, the reward are automatically placed in a temporary escrow account tied to their gaming account.

Escrow Mechanics

The escrow system acts as a holding area for earned tokens before they are permanently transferred to the player’s wallet. This temporary holding period allows for verification and validation of the earned tokens, ensuring that they are legitimate and obtained through fair gameplay.

Validation Process

During the escrow period, the game’s anti-cheat measures and algorithms analyze the player’s gameplay data, including performance metrics, match statistics, and adherence to game rules. This process helps detect and prevent cheating or unfair practices that could exploit the play-to-earn system.

Release of Rewards

Once the validation process is successfully completed, the tokens in the escrow account are transferred to the player’s wallet.

By implementing a play-to-earn system with an escrow feature, Call Of Shib encourages fair gameplay, rewards skill and dedication, and provides players with an opportunity to earn Tokens. It also adds an economic dimension to the game, allowing players to potentially generate real-world value from their in-game achievements.

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